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Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to frequently asked questions by our users. If you can not find the answer you are looking for, you can contact us.

Are you a producer?

What is golocal.pro?

The site golocal.pro is an attempt to register those who produce local products that can be made available directly from the producer to its customers without middlemen. GoLocal gives producers the opportunity to gain online visibility, make known their products and expand their clientele.

Do you buy my products?

No, we are not a commercial venture, nor are we acting as merchants. Transactions with customers who will come in contact with you through our website, are your own responsibility and there is no claim by us.

How much will the registration cost?

There are three kinds of listings:

  • Free, which displays the contact person, location, contact phone, product, and up to three labels. The image that will appear for your product is common to all products in the same category (such as honey).
  • Basic with an annual cost of just 30 €, in addition to Free: your own contact form, producer email, communication languages, availability of products per month, up to 6 labels, product description up to 500 characters, product price range, website (listing an existing one) and up to three of your own product photos.
  • Gold with an annual cost of just 50 €, in addition to Basic: product features, description of up to 1000 characters, up to three telephones, fax number, Viber and Whatsapp contact, up to three addresses, social networks (facebook, twitter, instagram, youtube), up to 10 of your own product photos and one video (which you posted on YouTube or Vimeo) as well as the year of foundation.


Are there any more promotional services?

Of course! You can contact us and tell us your plans andι we will suggest solutions that will match your own needs. Below you can read some of the most common services our customers are looking for:

  • Creating your own web page
    Working with us, using texts and photos you give us, we create your own website either using existing designs or based on your own suggestions.
  • Advertising in Go Local
    Advertise in our website for people looking for products like yours. Make a special offer that will reach a targeted audience who is  looking for local products at golocal.pro.
  • Advertisement in Google and Social networks
    Working with you, we create ads for your products to run on Google search and/or social networks.
  • Creating a page in Social networks
    We can help you create your own presence on popular social networks like facebook, twitter and instagram.
  • Posting a video on YouTube and/or Vimeo
    We help you upload your own video to YouTube or Vimeo in order to attract more customers.
  • Creating your own blog
    Working with us, using texts and photos you give us, we create your own blog either on Blogger or on WordPress.com.
  • Managing your social network page or blog
    We can manage your pages on social networks or your blog, always in direct cooperation with you.

The amount of the fee for each cooperation is determined after consultation with our clients.

I received a bad or unfair review. What can I do;

You have the right to respond to any review submitted for your listing. If we realize that there is a particular user who has intentionally written a review in order to harm you, it will be permanently deleted from the site as well as all of his/her reviews.

Are you looking for local products?

What is golocal.pro?

The site golocal.pro is an attempt to register those who produce local products that can be delivered directly from the producer to the customers without middlemen.
We give the opportunity to those who are looking for local products, to find what they are looking for and buy it directly from the producer.
We do not act as merchants nor receive any commission. Your transactions with producers are your own affair and responsibility.
Registered users can suggest a local producer, write reviews, bookmark producers and if they choose to opt-in our news-letter, they will receive special offers from time to time by producers who want to promote their products.

Are transactions done through your page?

No, we do not act as merchants and we can not guarantee for all the producers registered on our site.
We recommend that you are careful about your transactions and not pay for anything unless you are sure that you will receive the products you ordered safely.
According to the terms of use of our website, we bear no responsibility in case you are a victim of fraud.

Can I buy products from different producers at the same time?

No. As mentioned above, we do not operate as a commercial enterprise, so there is no single product shipment from different producers, possibly located in different geographical locations.

Go Local aims to promote the special characteristics of local products, giving consumers the opportunity to get in touch with the producer without middlemen. Producers, on the other hand, have the option, if they wish, to sell their product at a better price than you would find in a supermarket. Any management on our behalf would increase the cost, because we would have to collect the products of your order before shipment (double transport fees) and pay employees for order management, packaging and shipment.

The way we chose to display and market the products may not have the convenience of a supermarket (real or online) but gives to the consumers the opportunity to get in touch with the producers and appreciate their distinct products. Some of them are are produced in very limited amounts but they bear exceptional characteristics. These products will never reach the supermarket shelves.

Can I trust producers who are listed?

Before listing a producer, GoLocal will arrange to contact him/her to check if:

  • Retail and distant selling is available.
  • Proper packaging, freshness and good condition are guaranteed.
  • Payments are accepted on delivery, via bank transfer, Paypal or Viva Wallet.

Since a client is registering in golocal.pro, we carefully monitor customer reviews and comments. If it turns out that a producer or a customer has violated the terms and conitions of our web page, he/she is automatically deleted from our site.

As you realize, we do not personally know every producer that is listed and we are not able to guarantee for their credibility. Please be careful  with your transactions and report immediately any problem you may encounter.

The product I received is not of good quality. What can I do;

First of all, we want to emphasize the fact that it is good to check the reviews of other users of the website and to contact the producer before purchasing, in order to learn more about his/her product.
If the producer is in a geographical area near you, you can ask him / her and go to the point of sale and configure your opinion “firsthand”.
In any case, whether your experience was positive or negative, it is good to share your opinion with other users of our website by writing a review. This way, you can help all users looking for quality local products to decide more easily and you can also support the effort of producers who are consistent with the good quality of their products.

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