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Product: Almonds

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Almonds, a very nutritious and healthy fruit of the Greek land. is one of the products that can be described as over-food.
They are rich in vitamins, they are a source of protein, fiber and many important amino acids. They also contain copper, B vitamins, calcium, potassium, phosphorus, iron and healthy fat.
It is known that their consumption of cholesterol, regulates diabetes, protects the heart, strengthens the cerebral function. helps in weight loss, fights constipation, strengthens the bones, keeps the skin shiny and helps hair health.

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Almonds, Kornelakis Lambis
Karaiskaki 1 Aiginio, Pieria, Central Macedonia 60300 37.5 km
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Farm Melitos
Palaiokomi, Serres, Central Macedonia 620 41 85.08 km
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Almonds KEAS
Kampia, Kea, South Aegean 840 02 351.79 km

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